We Only Accept The Following Payment Methods

  2. DEBIT CARD Via CHANGELLY (Payment Gateway)
  3. Wallet Account Balance (Loadable by Bitcoin checkout only for those who opened up an account with us) Contact Us, if the amount was not loaded to your Account Immediately after you sent Payment.



Changelly accepts Debit card payment only With 2 steps verification. Do Not use VPN nor any false information to make payment successfully. 


What is Changelly ?

Changelly is a payment gateway that accepts debit cards payment, in exchange they give you bitcoins. The payment system is simple, secured and fast. we use this payment gateway on our website so as to assist our clients pay for their orders faster and easier without having to leave our website.

How to Make payment with changelly. Step-by-step walkthrough ?

What you need to know first is, with changelly, you are using your debit card to buy bitcoins from changelly. The bitcoin you buy will be sent to our bitcoin wallet by changelly automatically.

All what you need is our bitcoin wallet address. so copy our bitcoin wallet address bellow and paste in changelly payment when needed.

Bitcoin Wallet: bc1qjy4pdeecdkp5mx5qemlgceea50xarsmtja9ama


1. After filling out the form on the checkout page, click on “Place Order” Button.

2. Check your email that you have received a confirmation email first from us. Your order number your reference that we successfully received your order. Now, Click on “Buy Instantly” this button will redirect you to the payment gateway where you can proceed with making payment with either your Card, Bank or Apple Pay.

3. On the left, put in the amount you are paying for (order total amount). below still on the left panel select your payment method (Visa Card, Mastercard, Apple Pay, or Bank Transfer). Once you selected, a list of merchants that accepts your payment methods will appear in the middle panel. Usually, the best offer is placed at the top. Click on the “Buy Now” button next to the trade you choose. 

4. Here! you have to put in our bitcoin wallet address. copy everything letter from “bc1…ama” and paste it in the open field. bc1qjy4pdeecdkp5mx5qemlgceea50xarsmtja9ama. Then Click on “Go to payment”. 


5. Payment gateway. Click “Continue” button below.

6. Here, put in your debit/credit card details.


7. Complete and Click on “Next” Button to proceed. 

8. Her, put in your billing details, email address, phone number and Date of birth. Then Click on “Pay Now”. 

9. When you click on “Pay Now” a verification message will be sent to your email. check for the email and put in the verification code to proceed. Click on “Continue” then on “Pay Now” button again. 

10. Wait a few secs while your payment is being authorized. At this time another pop up window will appear which is your bank verification page. (Visa or Mastercard). Verify you are the owner of the bank and details you provided and proceed. 

11. This is a confirmation page that you are done. You will receive a mail instantly once this page appears. check on the mail and screenshot the confirmation mail. You will have to send us this payment confirmation to us via the Contact us or via the live chat or you can as well send directly to the email

* You did not see the mail, Please check all box folders including the Spam folder.

Proceed with Payment Confirmation by uploading the receipt in the Contact Us Form.


  • After completing your payment with changelly, take a screenshot of the confirmation message and then send payment screenshot of confirmation to

  • OR go to the contact us page and upload the payment receipt to confirm your payment to set your order to ACTIVE for delivery

  • We confirm changelly payment immediately you send us complete payment screenshot

  • Your tracking number for your package delivery will be sent to your email address 30mins after payment confirmations. So sending us a payment confirmation screenshot is very important.

B. Wallet Account (Loadable Via Bitcoins Payment Only)

  • Sign up for an account on our website and receive $10 in your wallet (signup wallet bonus). you can use this money to place directly on our website. But our minimum order amount is $150 to checkout, so you will have to top-up your account to make purchase completely with your wallet. We confirm bitcoins payment INSTANTLY after sending coins. 

How to buy Bitcoins With Apple Pay in Just 10 mins Using Zengo App

How to buy Bitcoins With Apple Pay in Just 10 mins Using Zengo App


We confirm Crypto Currencies payment INSTANTLY after sending coins. The payment method is automated so you do not need to contact us for our wallet address.
Just read the instructions and send btc

N/B :

  1. Your tracking number for your package delivery will be sent to your email address as soon you send to us the confirmations of payment.
  2. For this reason, PLEASE USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ADDRESS WHEN ORDERING. Your order will not be sent until after your payment has been completed.
  3. Do not call requesting for Cash app details. The only email you are required to send payment to is