Punch Bar Edibles 90 mg THC


90mg THC / 10mg THC Per Square

 39 calories, 4g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

* Gluten Free



Punch Bar Edibles 90

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Buy punch bars 90 mg THC at $14. We have different flavors. Firstly, Punch Bars when I first saw this miniature box of chocolate claiming to contain 90 mg. THC, I was skeptical, but Punch lives up to its name. Divided incrementally into nine tiny pieces of 10 mg. each, it’s easy to break off a dose that makes sense for you.

  • Milk Chocolate*
  • Dark Chocolate Almond*
  • Toffee Milk Chocolate
  • Mint Dark Chocolate*
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry*
  • Milk Chocolate Caramel Bits
  • Tangerine Dark Chocolate*
  • S’mores Milk Chocolate
  • Milk Chocolate Malted Crunch
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

 39 calories, 4g sugar per serving, Net Wt 22g

Peak Effect: 60-90 mins

Gluten Free

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In 2013, the edibles market was lacking a product that was flavorful, size appropriate, potent, and most importantly, consistent. After months of hard work, the Punch Bar was developed. Punch Edibles was born on the idea of providing a sensibly sized, high-dose edible. At 45mg stronger than the leading competitors and half the size, it was a hit! Patients could now enjoy their medicine with great flavor, minimal calories and sugar, all in a consistent and safe way. punch bar edibles for sale

Since launching in 2013, Punch has grown tremendously. Currently there are six different product lines totaling 40 different chocolate bars. All Punch products are lab tested and made with premium concentrates. Punch is located in hundreds of dispensaries throughout California, with a customer base that has remained loyal since the beginning and continues to grow daily. punch bar edibles for sale

In conclusion, Punch Edibles was born on the idea of providing high potent edibles in a small package. The three most common complaints with edible products are: taste, size and potency. As other leading competitors flourish in the market without completing the circle, we feel our products are superior across the board. Each of our edibles are made with the highest-grade concentrates (absolute shatter). All of our concentrates are lab tested for potency and purity. Come take the “Punch Challenge” and see what you’ve been  (844) 923-2535 . punch bar edibles for sale

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Best Tasting Most Effective Edibles for the price! Punch bar edibles review

Punch is always my go-to edible for road trips traveling camping or Outdoor Adventures because it’s small doesn’t require refrigeration and at 225mg is very powerful. I also like to give them to friends for their birthdays because even after I warn them they usually eat the whole thing & end up passing out lol . . .

Additional information

Punch Bar Flavours

Milk Chocolate*, Dark Chocolate Almond*, Toffee Milk Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate*, Dark Chocolate Raspberry*, Milk Chocolate Caramel Bits, Tangerine Dark Chocolate*, S’mores Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Malted Crunch, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt